Meet Our Endodontic Staff
“The Girls”

You may see some familiar faces and some new ones on the team. Ileana has been involved with the practice since its infancy, and continues to be an integral part of the team. Together with Mariana, their aim is to ensure that all of our patients begin and end their visit with us on a positive note. Gisella, Yenma, and Dilliam are chairside with our doctors, providing the highest level of care possible.

Together with Dr. Garcia and Dr. Peguero, their only goal is to ensure you have the most pleasant experience possible from the time you call our office to make an appointment, through the end of your visit and beyond. Providing the level of care our patients and referring dentists have come to expect from FDGendo is easy when you have the greatest team in the biz!

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Ileana Endodontic Staff


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